Potty Training

This past week was Alex’s spring break, so… we did potty training with Audrey!

We introduced her new little potty on Saturday and she was SO excited to for “mommy and daddy to teach her how to go potty.”  On Monday we took off the diaper, loaded her up on liquids (including apple juice, which was not much of a hit, and red gatorade which was a huge hit) and ending up spending most of the day reading books to her while she sat on her little potty.  She loved sitting on it and getting to listen to books for hours.

I handled training duties in the morning while Alex worked and then he took over for the afternoon so I could work on the paper for my Yalta course.

photo 1

Day two was about the same with about an equal number of successes and misses.

And then day three… success!!  No accidents and she initiated using her potty all by herself.  Mommy and daddy were so proud!

Today was our first big outing to a play place with some other Havard Law Review little ones and their families.  And it was another big success.  No accidents!!

After those first two hard days, it was a remarkably easy process and we were so proud of Audrey!



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