How We Travel

Audrey and I have taken more flights together than I can count.  Sometimes Alex has been able to accompany us, but often it is just Audrey and me. Our longest adventure so far was the 5-6 hour flights between Boston and Seattle.  Whew!

I thought I’d record what works for us.  Maybe it will be helpful to you.  And one day I know I’ll look back on all these details and smile.


-Diaper, extra shirt and pants in a large ziplock bag. It is handy to stick wet clothes in here if needed.

-Our allergy kit with extra epi-pens (since Audrey has a peanut allergy and airplanes are scarily full of peanuts! Side note: if you’re reading this, would you be willing to consider abstaining from bringing peanuts on or eating peanuts on your next flight?  There are SO many people who are allergic to peanuts and it is one of the most serious allergies.)

-iPhone with photos (this has been great for the last hour of the flight when Audrey might be tired.  We look at photos of all our family members and talk about what they are doing in each shot.)

-Books (this small Caillou set doesn’t take up much space!)

-Lots of stickers and construction paper.  This set is neat if you have an older child but regular stickers are just as good.  We made a card for Daddy on our last flight.

Imagine Ink marker and pad.  $3 in the dollar bins at Target!

-iPad loaded with plenty of Curious George episodes and these awesome headphones.

-Lots of nut-free snacks and a cup for water.  (Applesauce pouches and Annie’s cheddar bunnies are favorites).

-Anti-bacterial wipes: great for wiping hands and wiping down the tray table and windows for any peanut residue.

How We Roll

I bring our umbrella stroller and pack everything into two bags: a bag I can ‘wear’ and a small bag with food that can be hung on the stroller.

We also carry on Audrey’s Cosco Scenera carseat.  It is super lightweight and hangs easily off of the umbrella stroller for getting through the airport.  Since she knows that she has to “stay put” when she’s buckled into a carseat, we don’t have to struggle to keep her in her seat.

Other Tips

We’ve found it helpful to get to the gate (after visiting the bathroom for a fresh before takeoff diaper!) about 15 minutes before boarding.  This allows time for Audrey to run around and get out some wiggles after being confined to the stroller going through check-in and security.  We also try to just board with our regular group to cut down on having to sit longer on the plane!

Once on the plane, we’ll look out the window, talk about what we see and usually read some books during takeoff.

After take off, if it is a longer flight I alternate letting her watch 2-3 episodes of a show with playing games, going for a walk down the aisle, and having a snack.  This has helped things go super smoothly!

As I look over these notes, I can’t help but be grateful for the chance to travel with my little girl to see the people we love most.  If your a parent who travels with your littles, what are your favorite tips and tricks?

I absolutely love this photo of Audrey traveling last summer with her Great-Grandmother, Nonna, and Aunt Tiffany!

I absolutely love this photo of Audrey traveling last summer with her Great-Grandmother, Nonna, and Aunt Tiffany!


2 thoughts on “How We Travel

  1. So much wisdom here! I definitely second the extra clothes, books, stickers, and markers! We haven’t really done any movies/media on the plane yet, but maybe we will in the future. We also board DEAD LAST so that our kids have maximum time to run around and play… as you said, that’s definitely the way to go with little ones!

    One last thing: the best flight I ever had with Lena was when she was 2 months old and slept for 7 hours of the 9-hour flight. People can’t imagine taking a newborn on international or long plane flights, but I’ve learned to say, “Do it now… it won’t get easy again until they’re about 8 years old.” Nothing in my life has been more exhausting than chasing two babies around a plane for 9 hours… oy vey!

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