Dear Mama

Dear Mama,

I have been thinking about this job that you do. The fact is, it isn’t a job that commands a lot of respect like being a doctor, a lawyer, or a business person does.  In fact, I find myself saying that I am “just” a mom.

But there isn’t anything “just” about raising another human being.

The fact is, it isn’t easy and it isn’t brainless.

The fact is, it takes skill to do what you do and do it well.

It takes skill to figure out a routine that keeps your growing, changing child well-rested and able to function at their best.

It takes skill to know whether her tears are from fatigue, hunger, or true sadness.

It takes skill to know what to say when your child proclaims “I want to be God!” and then bursts into tears when you tell her she can’t.  (Yes, this happened at our house.)

It takes skill to attend to the moral, physical, emotional, and spiritual growth of a human being every day year after year.

So, my dear fellow mamas, keeping reading and thinking and planning and gleaning wisdom from one another.  And be encouraged, mama.  What you are doing in raising little lives takes great skill.  Even if no one else sees it.



One thought on “Dear Mama

  1. Such a lovely tribute to all you moms. It’s not easy measuring up to your expectations, but you’re doing an outstanding job so far–and the first months & years of a child’s life are so very crucial.

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