This week at our house: April 5

This week at our house…

…Audrey made a turkey (again). Since November, Audrey has wanted to make a turkey with Katie every week when she comes to babysit.  And ever since November, Katie has gently tried to encourage Audrey to make other animals, but to no avail.  The next morning, Audrey bounds out of bed and runs out to the kitchen to show us her handiwork from the night before.

photo 4

Audrey adores her books so I have been trying to take her to the library once a week to check out a stack (between books for her and books for my school work, we currently have almost 70 out.  Wow!).  We find a stack and then a window seat to read through them together, before picking out our favorites to take home.

This week it was especially chaotic and Audrey surprised me by plopping down and calmly looking through her book.  The girl loves books!  Her favorite from this week’s haul is “We are going to the Zoo.”

photo 4

photo 3

One day this week, we went to the park after nap and then walked over to Gannett House (the Law Review building) to meet Alex and walk home with him.  I captured this shot of Audrey greeting Alex.

photo 2

We also got to check out the science museum this week, compliments of friends with a membership.

photo 1

Audrey has three moose stuffed animals, all gifts from her Poppa.  One time recently she took them with her to check the mail and now she wants to take them every time we go out in the hall to get the mail.

photo 1

This week we also received the invitation to Corbin and Sheila’s wedding!  Audrey talks about the wedding a lot and carried the invitation around until it was well-worn.

photo 2

Speaking of mail, Audrey has also developed an affinity for catalogs and magazines.  Here she is perusing the Costco catalog, of all things.

photo 3

That was the week at our house!  What did you do this week?


4 thoughts on “This week at our house: April 5

  1. Aww, this is such a fun series! Our week was pretty focused on anticipating, celebrating, and rehashing Lena’s 3rd birthday. I’m going to sort through my pictures this week, hopefully, and get a blog post up so WE can remember it for years to come!

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