To my friends who long for children

To my friends who long for children:

I have thought of you often in starting this blog.  As I’ve written about finding meaning in motherhood, and savoring each moment with my child, I have often thought of you, my friends who long for children.  Some of you have shared your desires with me, while others have made your tears and longings known only to God.

I don’t have a magical message for you and I can’t even say “I understand,” because while I want to understand, I know I fall short.  When I talk of the struggles of parenting, I know I talk of the struggles you long to experience.  When I post photos of sweet moments with my daughter you rejoice with me, but maybe part of you is aching too.  I wish it wasn’t.

I am not sure what to say to you except to say: you are not forgotten.  I long with you for the fulfillment of your deep desire for children.  I pray for you and I pray for an answer to your longings.  Thank you for sharing our joy.  But please, please know we love you and we weep with you and long with you for children.


If you are one who longs for children, I’d consider it a deep honor if you would let me know how I can be a better friend to you in this season.  Would you be willing to share, even anonymously?



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