This Week at Our House: April 12, 2014

This week at our house….

Audrey tried one of Daddy’s favorites: rice rolled in a seaweed wrap (Nori).  She absolutely loved it!

photo 1

Audrey received a pink apron in the mail from Great-Grandmother.

photo 3

Audrey got new socks. She was SO excited!  I told her she could try on two new ones, so, naturally, she picked out one pink one and one purple one (not what mom had in mind!).  She’s actually crying in this shot– I think because I wouldn’t let her put her fancy shoes on right before nap??

photo 4

Audrey read books!

photo 5

Audrey got to wear her fancy shoes and carry the bag after we went shopping.  Bummed this shot is a bit blurry.

photo 1

Audrey dressed up in her cow costume and read “Going to the Zoo” to Nonna over Skype.

photo 2

That was our week!


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