Little Acts of Love

Recently, I wrote about how being a mom is about more than being a caregiver.  Realizing that was an enormous encouragement to me in my parenting journey.

But I think I’d be missing something of God’s big-picture for parenting if I just emphasized the teaching and training part of the job.  While being a parent is about those things, I have to believe there is also great meaning in wiping noses and changing diapers and making the umpteenth pot of macaroni and cheese.

I believe that because I believe that caring for physical needs is an act of love.  My precious little daughter has a body, mind, and a soul and caring for any and all of them is part of loving her.

In Christianity there is a high regard for meeting the physical needs of those who are needy.  We support causes that feed or care for the destitute, and we should! But if we hold such acts of service in high regard when they happen outside our homes, shouldn’t we hold them in high regard when they happen within our homes?

Shouldn’t we remember that wiping noses, changing diapers, and making macaroni and cheese are also acts of love?


How do you remember the deeper meaning in the mundane parts of your life?


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