Our favorite baby items (6-12 months)

View Full Size Soft Bib • Red/Blue, 2-pack

To continue this little series on baby items, here are some of our favorites we started using at 6-12 months:

High Chair: We’re still using this one at well over 2 years.  I love how relatively simple this high chair is and how easy it is to clean (the cover and straps come off easily for washing).  I really prefer having Audrey at a high chair because it is so easy to clean the tray when she’s done.  It’s also a great place for her to color or do play doh.  All in all, we’ve been very happy with this purchase!

Bjorn Bib: another item we still use every day!  After trying several other types of bibs when Audrey started solids, this one won hands down.  She can’t rip it off easily, it catches food, and I can throw it in the dishwasher.  We only have one and it has traveled all over the country with us.

Ergo: need I really say more? We particularly loved the Ergo when we were flying.  Audrey pretty much only napped in her crib by this stage, but with the handy Ergo hood we could usually get her to nap while flying.  Incidentally, we got ours from REI because of their outstanding return policy in case it didn’t work out for us.

Doorway Jumper: Audrey liked this better than the stand-alone version and spent many hours happily jumping away.  I was impressed with how securely it fitted over our door frames. (If any of our Boston friends would like to borrow it, let me know!)

BOB stroller: We love, love, love, LOVE our BOB!  We got it used on craigslist when we moved to Boston and continue to use it daily. It just navigates so beautifully and Audrey is so happy in it.  I love that I can jog with it if I want to. We have also loved the handlebar console and the rain shield. We use it primarily for walking outside but have find it surprisingly easy to navigate during quick runs to the grocery store. I keep an umbrella stroller in the car for shopping.


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