A Day in Our Life

I think I will forever be on a quest for the “perfect” routine or schedule.  I have finally come to the conclusion that I’ll probably never arrive.  That being said, here is a glimpse into our days.  This may not be interesting to any of you, but I wanted to have it for me for the days to come!

6:50am: I wake up and start coffee

7:00am: On a good morning, Audrey wakes up about now.

7:30am: Alex or I get Audrey up for the day.  The girl looooves her bed and is usually in no hurry to get out.  She loves it when we just sit in the chair and talk with her for a bit before getting her dressed.

7:45-8:30am: I try to work on a few projects while Audrey is usually content to play by herself.

8:30am: Breakfast.  Toast and yogurt for both of us. (And prunes for Audrey. And more coffee for me.)  Audrey takes a looong time to eat, so I unload and load the dishwasher while she eats.

9:15am: Bible and Book Time. We sit down on the couch to read a Bible story, do our memory verse, and pray together before reading a big stack of books.  When we’re done, I have Audrey “practice sitting still” on the couch for 2-5 minutes.

9:30am: I get ready for the day while Audrey watches two episodes of “Curious George.”

10:15am: We’re ready to head out, or, stay at home and get projects done.  Going out can include errands, a play date, or a trip to the library and park.

12pm: Home for lunch.  Audrey always has a cheese quesadilla and a cup of milk to finish it off.

12:50pm: I take Audrey back for her nap.  We put on her jammy pants, do lotion, and get her zipped into her sleep sack. Then we sit in the chair while I tell her a pretend story (often about Curious George going to the grocery store!) and we pray. I turn on her white noise, sing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”, and lay her down in her crib with a few pats on the back before telling her “good night, I love you!”  She usually falls asleep by 1:20pm.

1pm: Mommy’s downtime. I have some computer time then work on writing or reading for my Yalta class.

3:15pm: Get Audrey (reluctantly) up from her nap.  She is usually content to hang out and sings or talks to herself for a while before waking up.  She naps about 1.5-2 hours these days.

3:30pm: Small projects around the house while Audrey plays.

4pm: This really varies.  Sometimes we Skype with Mom (yay!). Other days we go to the park.  If it is rainy and I’m feeling energetic, we might break out “crafts” and make flowers or butterflies out of construction paper.

5:15pm: I start dinner. Audrey sometimes does “blanket time” (playing on her blanket with toys and/or books) for 15 minutes so I can focus on meal prep.

6pm: Alex gets home!  We sit down to eat right away.

6:30pm: One of us starts the dishes.

6:45pm: Daddy and Audrey’s play time. Mommy’s rest or work time.

7:30pm: Alex starts Audrey’s bedtime routine.  She drinks her milk on the couch, then is in the tub, then gets jammies and a story and song with daddy.  She comes and knocks on the bedroom door to tell me good night.

8pm: Relax time for Alex and me before we call it a day and get ready to do it all over again!

What are the best parts of your routine or schedule? We always love ideas!!


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