This Week at Our House: May 3, 2014

This week at our house…

…uncle Corbin is graduating from college today!  We wish so much that we could be there to celebrate with him but we’re so proud of him and all he has accomplished!  Way to go, CJ!

Audrey has been engaged in a lot of creative, messy play.  This photo captures what our living room/play room has looked like most of the time the past couple weeks:

photo 2

Audrey went “fishing” with her box and broom.

photo 2

We met Daddy at the Langdell lawn one evening and Audrey had a “meeting” with Daddy at the picnic table.

photo 3

We visited the Science Museum again and had lots of fun!

photo 3

photo 4

Audrey and I made an “Easter Book” with Easter-related coloring pages since she has been so into the story the past few weeks.

photo 1

Audrey LOVES when we let her climb the stairs up from the parking garage at the apartment.

photo 2

Finally, we said goodbye for the summer to our friends Leo and Abby.  We hope you guys have a great summer and we can’t wait to see you again in September!

photo 3


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