Thanks, Mom, for Listening

I am blessed with an absolutely incredible mother.

I admire so many things about her: her love for her Lord and her family, her servant’s heart, and her desire to always keep growing.

But today, on Mother’s Day, I am especially grateful for how she listens.  My mom is one of the best listeners I know.

I remember being a young adolescent girl and having trouble opening up to my parents.  I remember my mom sitting on my bed as I cried and cried, waiting patiently for me to choke out the words to describe whatever was on my heart.  She wasn’t impatient, even though she had sat in the same place, with the same tears, countless times already.  She didn’t rush me or make me feel silly.  She waited and she listened.

Because she listened, at that critical juncture between childhood and young adulthood, I still turn to her listening ear today.

She listens to me now on good days and especially on bad ones.

She listens to my brother and my sister, to friends, and to people she doesn’t even know.

She’s made me realize that one of the best gifts a person can give is simply a listening ear.

Thanks so much, Mom, for showing me the importance of listening. Thanks for making me strive to listen to my own daughter, even when most of what she tells me is about toys or trees or events we’ve already rehearsed a thousand times.

Thanks for listening to me.

I love you!


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