One of our favorite Bible teaching tools for kiddos

Last fall we discovered the Toddler Curriculum by Children Desiring God  and we’ve found it to be a FANTASTIC resource for introducing Audrey to key Bible stories in an age-appropriate way.

We are also big fans of the “Big Picture Story Bible,” but at 18 months it was still beyond her comprehension level.

The Children Desiring God curriculum is designed for Sunday Schools but oh-so-easy to use at home, too.  Each story (creation, resurrection, etc.) features 3-5 picture cards (in nice cardstock) and a corresponding “script” to use to tell the story.  Each lesson also includes a song and other materials to supplement the main story.  There were even coloring pages to correspond to each story (which we didn’t do as often as I wish we had).

I felt a little silly going through the cards the first couple of times, but Audrey really seemed to love it, and to catch on, too!  I was impressed with how age appropriate the scripts were; they explained the stories in language she could easily understand.  We did the same story for 1-2 weeks to give her a chance to really soak it up before moving on.

We ended up ordering the Older Toddler Teacher Booklet and the Older Toddler Story Pictures since both packages include the stories for the younger toddlers.

What are your favorite resources for teaching the Bible to your kids?



3 thoughts on “One of our favorite Bible teaching tools for kiddos

  1. Our kids are 3 and 18mo. In the morning we do a family time where Daddy reads aloud from his Bible, we sing a couple hymns, and say prayers together. The 18 month old doesn’t sit still longer than a minute or two and usually it devolves to us reading and them playing under the table, but they still remember and ask about Bible Time every morning when they wake up.
    We have three Bible storybooks and we read one story at bedtime. They both love it, even our 18 month old. Now we’ve been through all three books and are starting over. They don’t mind repetition of course, but I’m excited to hear about Children Desiring God. The books we have are: The Beginner’s Bible, Read-Aloud Bible Stories, and The Jesus Storybook Bible. After reading we kneel down to pray, encouraging our 3yo to include praise and thanksgiving in his prayers.
    One invaluable resource for our whole family (esp parents) has been Bible Study Fellowship. The children’s program is absolutely outstanding. The preschool program is for children infants-5 years old. There’s no cost to register, and BSF is nationwide (actually worldwide). Besides the awesome children’s program, there are home training lessons you can take home. As a parent it has been the BEST resource for training my kids because of the spiritual growth I have had. As Robert Murray McCheyne said, “The greatest need of my people is my own personal holiness.”

  2. My parents would play the dramatized bible on tape or CD for us when we went to bed every night. I loved that. You would not believe the bible trivia questions that pop into your head when you have listened to it in your sleep for years and years.

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