How I Take Classes

A few weeks ago I wrote about why I take classes.   I thought it might be helpful to record how I go about doing work for class while simultaneously being a stay at home mom.  There are a few main ways:

I plan.  This past semester, I knew I had a long (25 page) paper plus a heavy reading load.  I chose a paper topic and started researching at the very beginning of the semester because I knew I would need to work in small chunks of time and wouldn’t be able to cram it all in at the end.  I also decided that Monday and Tuesday would be my reading days and Wednesday through Friday would be for working on my paper.

I work when Audrey is asleep. I am fortunate that Audrey still naps 1.5-2 hours each afternoon.  I ended up using about half of that time to rest and the other half to work on school work.  Even though it took discipline to get things done during that period, I found myself mentally refreshed after working and ready to go back to being mom when nap time was over.  I also worked some in the evenings after she was asleep.

I have a very helpful husband.  Alex has made my classes a priority for him, too, and it is a huge reason I have been able to take classes and do well in them.  This past semester he came home an hour earlier than normal on Tuesday nights so I could head off to class.  He took Audrey after dinner many nights and on Sunday afternoons the second half of the semester so that I could work on my paper.  There is absolutely no way I could have taken a class without his practical support.  In other semesters, we have hired a babysitter to come while I am in class, and Alex has been willing to invest financial resources in that.  Thank you, sweetheart!

For those of you who work on the side, how do you find the time for your projects?  I would love to hear!


2 thoughts on “How I Take Classes

  1. I do think having an enthusiastic husband is key. Elliott reads my blog posts more carefully than I do and is always encouraging me to take the next step with my blog. If I really listened to him, I’d be a lot farther than I am now! As it is, I’m so grateful for his support.

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