This Week at Our House: May 31, 2014

The past three weeks have been a whirlwind: leaving Boston and flying to Lancaster, PA for my brother’s wedding, then heading to Denver and establishing a new summer life here.  We have LOVED all the sweet time with family and feel so blessed to be close to them for these few months.

Corbin and Sheila had a fire pit with ‘smores at their wedding!  Alex and Audrey had tons of fun together.


Mom and Corbin shared a sweet mother-son dance at the reception.


Alex danced and danced together.  Audrey stayed up waaaay past her bedtime two nights and a row and was so sleepy she laid her head on his shoulder.  But she never fell asleep– too much excitement!


Audrey was an absolute trooper of a traveler and loved riding on buses and taxis to get to and from the airport.  She wanted to hold her new dolly from Great-Grandmother all the way from Lancaster to Denver.


After being accustomed to city living and no yard, Audrey has loved playing in Nonna’s front yard.

photo 4

Audrey fell in love with the wagon I rode in as a child.  So sweet!

photo 2

Alex took an impromptu trip to Portland over Memorial Day weekend to help his Dad pack up his childhood home. When he got home, we bought a kiddie pool and played in the backyard despite the somewhat frigid temperatures.

photo 3

Playing at Nonna’s park.  Look at that beautiful blue sky!  I love it.

photo 1

Audrey playing with the train set my Dad bought for Tiffany and me when we were little girls.

photo 1

Audrey ADORES her Aunt Tiffy.  There have been lots of games of hide-and-seek and looking at pictures on Tiffy’s phone.

photo 2



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