It’s not (all) about the to do list

I am a pretty task oriented person. I love a good to do list and checking things off of it.  I can view my parenting in the same way: feed Audrey breakfast, check.  Do Bible time, check.  Put Audrey down for a nap, check.

But what if a big part of the important part of parenting isn’t just the tasks I can check off a list (essential as they are) but also the moments that fill the days between each task?

I’m realizing that the little moments are just as important as the big tasks.  That the environment I create with my words and actions matters very much to the little person I am cultivating.  That the tone and mood of my home matter.

It matters to Audrey that she has a (semi) predictable routine to her little days.  It matters to Audrey that I take the time to look her in the eye when she wants to tell me about her train.  It matters to Audrey that I am slow and patient as we go out the door rather than rushed and irritable.

And, I believe, if it matters to Audrey, if it makes a difference in her life, it matters to God, too.

I can’t check any of those things off of a to do list.  I won’t sit down at the end of the day with a sense of accomplishment for having spent 5 minutes rehearsing with Audrey what she did in her new Sunday School.  I won’t rack up productivity points for having tossed the ball to her in the hallway or played “doctor” with her baby.

But, I am realizing, it doesn’t have to be on a to-do list to matter.




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