Five Minute Friday: “Hands”

This is my first post for “Five Minute Friday.”  I hope you enjoy!!

I love your sweet little hands, Audrey.  How small they are and yet how much they have grown in two short years!

And I find myself wondering: what will your hands do in this life you have been given?

Will they be like your Aunt Tiffany’s and care for hurting children?

Will they be like your Dad’s and write books to inspire a generation?

Will they be like your Nonna’s and your Great-Grandmother’s and your Grandma’s and show others how to read and write and tie their shoes?

Will they get dirty in gardens, in slums, or at playgrounds?

Whatever you do, I hope your hands serve.  I hope your hands grow lined with love and creased with the toil of devotion to God and compassion toward those around you.

You have been blessed with two precious, perfect little hands.

May you use them well, little one.



12 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: “Hands”

  1. Yay for your first FMF Post-congrats!! And, how lovely. I absolutely love that your hopes and dreams for her are evident, and your love for service is clear. I hope she reads it someday as well-powerful words!

  2. Courtney, so glad you’re joining us at FMFparty! We took the prompt the same direction: I can’t helping thinking what my little girl will do with her hands, too. May they both use them to glorify the Father and bring others into His fold. Welcome, friend!

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