Thanks, Dad, for Dreaming Big for Me

Dear Dad,

Thanks for dreaming big for me.

Thanks for getting to know me– to know my strengths and weaknesses, my abilities and giftings.

Thanks for showing me those strengths and taking time to talk to me about them.

Thanks for telling me so long ago that I should do debate, and then being there to watch and give feedback as I argued and for financing countless trips to tournaments, too many file boxes and dozens of legal pads.

Thanks for being honest with me about my weaknesses, but also compassionate, and willing to show me where and how I can fight against my sinful tendencies.

Thanks Dad, for being willing to see my dreams take a different shape, or be postponed, when I became a mom.

Thanks for cheering me on as I’ve sought to keep my intellect alive as a young mom.

Thanks Dad for helping me have a vision for my life, for who God has made and called me to be, and for how He might use me for His kingdom purposes.

Thanks, Dad, for dreaming big for me.

Happy Fathers’ Day.

Love always,




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