New Feature: Favorite Finds!

For a little while I’ve been thinking of taking a day each week to share some of my favorite finds with you and this week I decided to take the plunge!  I hope you enjoy!  What have you found encouraging or interesting this week?

1. What’s Lost as Handwriting Fades: a fascinating look into why handwriting is so important to helping us process information.  In college, I almost always took notes on my computer.  Sounds like I was doing it wrong!

2. Gloria Furman’s Affirmation for Moms: I struggle a lot with finding a good time for my daily devotions and I love Gloria’s encouragement to a weary mom who still hungers for God’s Word.

3. What I’ve Learned in Twenty Years of Marriage: this one has made the rounds so maybe you’ve already seen it.  As someone who got married pretty young (23!) I appreciated Russell Moore’s reflection.

4. Begin Living Now: As someone who has spent all of 4.5 married years living in apartments (3 total so far) I appreciated this encouragement to stop waiting for something permanent to make a home.

5. Becca’ Garber’s Italian Home Tour: my friend Becca was featured on!!  I loved reading about how she has embraced quiet days with her two precious children– it inspired me to do the same!