Flashback Friday: Easter 2013

I want to start a new, occasional series: flashback Fridays!  The idea is to take the chance to record some family memories from before I was blogging.  Hopefully you’ll enjoy following along!

Easter 2013 fell on March 31 and the two highlights were Tiffany coming to visit (yay Seester Easter!) and Audrey’s first Easter egg hunt!  If I recall correctly, it was a chilly day and we really don’t have the space to do an egg hunt outside, so we hid them around the house after her nap time. I had filled the eggs with Easter-colored goldfish crackers and she had a blast finding the eggs and eating what was inside!

I love this photo of her toting around her first Easter “basket.”  She ended up playing with it all year and especially loved hanging it off of her stroller to go on pretend “outings.”





We had a great time with Tiffany despite a less-than-ideal Easter dinner.  For some reason, I decided not to cook and to instead just do our regular Chipotle stop.  Well, Chipotle was closed and our Qdoba experience was poor and Audrey was fussy.  Not the best Easter dinner.  We did snap a few family photos before church, though.  They turned out a bit better than the dinner, fortunately.


My little girl in her first grown-up Easter dress (and a hat, which she still plays with, too!).


Tiffany and Audrey wrapped up the day by reading Audrey’s new Easter book on the couch.


Since Easter is quickly approaching, how do you celebrate or prepare for Easter?